Our Team

Bart Grabowski

President & Founder


Bart Grabowski is Founder and President of Blustream Power Wash. In 2018, he founded Bart’s Power Wash, which was later rebranded to Blustream Power Wash & Service in 2019. He graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s of Science in Finance. As President, he is responsible for maintaining the overall success of the company, achieving short/long term company goals, and overseeing new business developments. A fun fact about Bart is that he can speak Polish fluently.

Tyler Adams

Vice President


Tyler Adams is Vice President of Blustream Power Wash. As VP, he oversees operations, manages internal staff, and continually develops company culture. Tyler graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering Technology and is a certified Hydraulic Specialist. He’s known around the shop as “Rig Master” since he is always optimizing our power washing equipment, work trucks, and shop space. A fun fact about Tyler is that he is an avid fisherman and loves to go hunting in the fall season.

Dean Ricciardi

Marketing Director


Dean Ricciardi is the Marketing Coordinator for Blustream Power Wash. As the Marketing Coordinator, Dean is tasked with responsibilities such as running the company’s social media accounts, writing blogs for the website, creating advertisements and producing videos for our YouTube channel. He is dedicated to helping the company expand its internet presence and reaching more future happy customers. Dean graduated from Purdue University with Bachelor’s degrees in Finance and CGT. A fun fact about Dean is that he enjoys staying active through riding his bike, going to the gym and playing organized sports.

Mark Strbjak

Crew Leader


Mark Strbjak is Head Crew Leader during the busy summer months. As crew leader, Mark is in charge of managing workers, handling all client interactions on job sites, and keeping customers happy. In his “offseason”, he is a full-time Special Education teacher at Lake Central High School in St. John, IN. He graduated from Saint Xavier University with his Masters in Special Education. A fun fact about Mark is that he played collegiate football at Northern Illinois University (NIU) and Saint Xavier University. He is also the co-founder of Blustream Power Wash.

Jake Strbjak

Lead Technician


Jake Strbjak is the Lead Technician for Blustream Power Wash. As Lead Technician, Jake is in charge of coordinating all equipment maintenance and repair work. He is dedicated to help the company run efficiently through his commitment and passion. Jake graduated from Marian University in Indianapolis with a Bachelor’s in Sport Performance with a Minor in Psychology. A fun fact about Jake is that he played football at Marian University and obtained three rings, one national champion runner up and two conference championships.

Nico De Cero

Service Technician

Nico 2

Nico De Cero is a Service Technician for Blustream Power Wash. As a Service Technician, Nico is responsible for keeping residential and commercial exteriors looking fresh and clean. In addition to being a service technician, he is also a part-time salesman for the company. Nico's personal goal is to help the company increase its presence in the commercial sector. A fun fact about Nico is that he likes to call himself a sponge of knowledge. He takes in every piece of advice that anyone gives, no matter who they are or where they came from.

Cody Bertrand

Field Technician


Cody Bertrand is a Field Technician for Blustream Power Wash. As a Field Technician, Cody is responsible for enhancing the curb appeal of residential and commercial properties. In addition to being a field tech, Cody runs his own lawn care service called NWI Lawn Services. When he is not cutting lawns or working at Blustream, you can find Cody out on the water fishing for bass. A fun fact about Cody is that he is a semi-pro fisherman known as CodyBfishing, and is working on chasing his dream of becoming a professional bass fisherman!

Natalie Glogowski

Office Manager

headshot 1 (1)

Natalie Glogowski is the Office Manager for Blustream Power Wash and Service. As an Office Manager, Natalie is the first voice most customers hear when contacting the office. Natalie helps coordinate appointments and makes sure our customers are contacted in a timely matter. Not only does Natalie help keep the Blustream team dynamic flowing, she also finds time to adventure through life with her beautiful daughter Amelia, husband Adrian, and husky Kelevra. Fun facts about Natalie: she is a licensed motorcycle instructor, she's Polish folk danced in Shanghai, and has also skied in Dubai.