5 Reasons to Leave Power Washing to the Professionals at Blustream PW


5 Reasons to Leave Power Washing to the Professionals at Blustream PW

Many homeowners find themselves wondering whether they should tackle a home power washing project in a “DIY” fashion. While it can seem like an easy task at first, power washing has a variety of hidden obstacles that only trained professionals can overcome. Here are the top 5 reasons to leave power washing to the professionals at Blustream Power Wash!

1). Electrical Outlets and Hazards

You may not realize it but electrical outlets are extremely sensitive to water and need to be properly covered before power washing begins. Properly covering outlets ensures safety for all individuals involved as well as your equipment.

2). Use of Ladders

Come to a spot you can’t reach? Your first thought might be to grab a ladder to get a little closer. The “Crew in Blu” advises against this as many safety hazards arise when using a ladder. Blustream’s professional grade tools ensure complete coverage of your home while keeping the safety of the crew in mind and their feet on the ground.

3.) Lack of Soaps & Cleaning Chemicals

Using strictly water and a power washer might leave behind residue or molds. Knowing exactly what mix to use during a cleaning process is one of the major difference between the look of a professionally cleaned house and a “DIY” house. When using cleaning products like soap or chemicals the Boys in Blu can refrain from using high pressure on siding, decking, and other areas of your home. This ensures that no damage will be done to your surfaces during cleaning.

4.) Using Too Much Pressure.

Power washing without soaps and chemicals can cause dirt and grime to become hard to remove. Many people then make the mistake of turning up the pressure in an attempt to remove the unwanted grime. This can cause harm to your home as too much pressure can strip your siding, decking, or even your concrete! Blustream Power Wash ensures complete dirt and grime removal without the use of high pressure during the clean.

5.) Time & Energy

What looks like a simple “DIY” wash can sometimes be complex and frustrating. Your time and energy are valuable and so are your weekends. Hiring professionals like the crew at https://www.blustreampw.com/ ensures the job is done correctly and efficiently. A trained eye is especially important to spot potential issues that may arise during cleaning. Rest assured the Boys in Blu are your one-stop shop for all your exterior cleaning needs!


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