Are Your Gutters Clogged?


Overflowing gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems and cracked foundations for many homeowners. Typically, gutters become clogged by leaves, sticks, excessive dirt, shingle grit, and pine needles. If you have ever noticed water spilling over the side of your gutters like a waterfall, it is likely you have clogged rain gutters!  Failing to maintain your gutters can become a costly repair to your home.  Gutter systems are designed to control the flow of water and keep your home nice and dry.


Here are the 4 most common issues that can occur due to clogged gutters and downspouts.

Flooded Basements

Is your basement flooding constantly during heavy rains? If so, you may need to check your gutters. The number one cause of water damage in basements is clogged gutters. Rain gutters are specifically designed to keep the flow of water moving away from your home. When rainwater comes off your roof and has nowhere to go, it will usually flow inside your soffits and down your siding, and eventually into your basement.


Cracked Foundations

When the water reaches your basement and settles around your home’s foundation and freezes, it causes a condition called frost-heave. This can cause severe cracks to foundation walls. If not addressed, the foundation cracks can worsen over time, and cause serious safety issues. Oh, did we mention the expensive repairs?


Insect Breeding Ground

Free standing water and debris filled gutters are a paradise for several species of insects. Mosquitos, wood destroying insects, wasps, and even termites can live inside your gutters and find their way into your home.


Sagging Gutters 

The weight of debris, leaves, and shingle grit, can cause your gutters to bend and sag. Over time, the excess weight will wear down the support of the gutters and may even pull away from your home!



Here at Blustream Power Wash, we offer gutter cleaning programs available for semi-annual or annual cleanings. With our priority scheduled gutter cleanings you can enjoy our year-round customer care discounts for any of our services.  We service the entire Northwest Indiana area, including all of Lake and Porter counties.

For a free, no obligation consultation or estimate on your gutter cleaning, call Blustream Power Wash at 219-370-6827.

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