Northwest Indiana Emergency Graffiti Removal


Unfortunately, many business and home owners around Northwest Indiana and the surrounding Chicagoland have fallen victim to graffiti vandalism at one time or another. Even if you haven’t, it is not hard to guess that paint is nearly impossible to remove from defaced surfaces once it dries. The best way to get your business or home back in order is with the help of a professional power washing compay!


Northwest Indiana Emergency Graffiti Removal

The black eye of any home or business

Graffiti is an act of vandalism that can be a major headache for property owners to deal with. It is not only detrimental to the curb appeal of commercial and residential properties, it can also result in costly repair bills. Blustream’s emergency graffiti removal team can safely rid any surface of uninvited graffiti ASAP. The following list includes frequently targeted areas that we are typically hired to restore:

  1. Siding (Metal, Wood & Plastic)
  2. Garage Doors
  3. Hard Surfaces (Brick & Stone)
  4. Playground Equipment
  5. Bridges & Highways


Removing Paint & Graffiti

Paint can be extremely difficult and labor intensive to remove and because most graffiti vandalism is committed at night, the paint used is usually dry before the business or homeowner even notices it, making it even harder to remove. A typical building wash offered by power washing companies is intended to remove organics such as algae, moss and dirt, but graffiti and paint stains require additional chemicals and in most cases, physical scrubbing used as a way to agitate the paint before rinsing. Professional power washing companies utilize specially designed chemicals that are made to remove paint from concrete, bricks, siding and wood without damaging the material. Proper PPE (masks, gloves, eyewear, long sleeves) should always be used when handling cleaning detergents to avoid medical accidents and costly repair bills.


What’s Next?

Hiring a professional power washing company to remove graffiti & paint stains is a great way to exponentially raise a business’s curb appeal, but why stop there? Dirty concrete, clogged gutters and algae covered decks are all areas of your property that can use some power washing love too!



The Bottom Line

At Blustream Power Wash, we use the safest and most effective process to remove graffiti and paint stains from your property. Our trained washing professionals know how to effectively remove paint from siding, brick, concrete and more. For information on our graffiti removal service, read here or call us at 219.370.6827 to speak to one of our professionals and schedule your wash today!

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