The Benefits of Having Your Concrete Washed

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Benefits of Having Concrete Washed

Everyone wants a nice looking driveway. You spent your hard earned money on your dream home and it’s no surprise you want to show it off. The same goes for your patio or any other concrete surface around your house. Your guests are sure to notice that your driveway, patio or poolside is sparkling clean and not covered in stains. Take pride in your living space. The best way to do this is with power washing. Power washing your concrete improves the look of your home from the outside and is loaded with other benefits, read on to find out more!

One of the first major benefits is the added value of a clean concrete space to your property. Well maintained concrete makes your home look well taken care of and attractive to the eye. Professional cleaning services done by the Blustream Powerwash team brings out the best in your home’s curb appeal. To see a visual of our services check out our concrete cleaning page .

Potential buyers notice every little thing when touring a potential investment, so you definitely want to keep every inch of your home looking spotless and well kept. The less stains, dirt and grime you have, the less your buyers have to clean when they get the keys. The less work they have to do, the happier they’ll be to make a deposit. Win win! 

The next major benefit of a power washed concrete driveway or patio is its long lasting durability. The longer you go without power washing your concrete, the harder it will be to take out stains and build up. You may even turn to reinstalling new concrete bases, costing you hundreds of dollars depending on how much you need replaced. Your concrete is vulnerable to unwanted stains and grime including but not limited to: dirt, mold, algae, tire markings, car oil, and irrigation rust. The ongoing build up of these unwanted threats to your concrete can wear it down and  leave it looking less than its best. Power washing leaves your concrete looking sparkling clean and brand new and prevents that unwanted buildup! 

Let’s talk about saving money, who doesn’t like that? You could wash your driveway or patio yourself, but you probably don’t have the power washing tools to get into all the nooks and crannies and to remove that dingy layer of dirt and grime. You’ll actually save more money and time getting your concrete professionally washed than you would trying to pull together all the tools you would need to do it yourself. A professional power washer will give you better results every time. Professional power washers know a thing or two about concrete stains and what kind of solutions best remove them. Hence why you’re better off trusting a technician with your precious concrete. You want a sparkling clean power wash without damaging your base. Get all of this and keep money in your pocket by getting it right the first time with a professional power wash!

Regularly servicing your concrete is essential. The longer you neglect your patio, driveway or walkways, the harder they will be to clean. Not to mention they’ll experience more wear and tear and result in you needing to replace it. That’s money out of your pocket you don’t want to spend!  Hiring a professional concrete power washer will save you time and funds and keep your walkways and more looking clean and brand new. This adds property value, curb appeal, and saves you money! 


Blustream Power Wash

Blustream Power Wash & Service has been power washing properties since 2018. Blustream takes on both residential and commercial clients. Blustream Power Wash offers services such as house washing, concrete cleaning, deck & fence cleaning, gutter cleaning, brick and mortar cleaning, window cleaning, roof cleaning, and even building washing. They leave driveways, patios, houses, buildings and more spotless and clear of buildup and unwanted grime or stains. Appearance is everything when it comes to your home or business. Why not have your bases and structures look their very best for potential customers or buyers. Even your regular house guests will notice the power washing difference! 

The Mission

Blustream Power Wash & Service gives 100% into every power washing job they take on. Everything from houses to driveways, patios and beyond! The Blustream Power Washing service is spotless and long lasting! Your concrete bases will not only look better (practically brand new) but will also stay that way longer than DIY power washing! Blustream Power Wash and Service serves the Northwest Indiana area. The technicians from Blustream are highly trained professionals that will clean your concrete bases at your home or business any time! Blustream Power Wash provides service with a smile!

You’d be surprised how much care your concrete driveways, sidewalks, walkways,and patios can use. These surfaces can become dirty, worn out, and stained, from weather to the vehicles you keep. Moisture, hot and cold temperatures can surely do some damage. It’s no question professional power washing is the answer to keeping your concrete and other surfaces of your home or business clean and in shape!

What Can Power Washing Clean?

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Pool Decks



Brick Pavers

Landscape stone

And More!


The choice is simple. To keep your concrete bases looking attractive, valuable, and clean, professional power washing is the way to go! Keep Blustream Power Washing Services in mind for your next concrete cleaning project!

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