The Best Time of Year to Power Wash Your Home

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The Best Time of Year to Power Wash Your Home

In short, the best time to power wash your home or property is… Spring! Power washing
as you know, can keep your home in tip top shape, making it look and feel brand new. It
can also significantly increase property value, keep away pests, and prevent the growth
of mold and fungus. It is important to regularly get your home’s siding, gutters, decks,
concrete surfaces, and roofing washed. But the question here today is, when to do so,
why, and how often? Here we’ll be going over why Spring is the best time to power
wash your home and why, as well as how often you should be setting up power washing


Ask yourself this, what is the typical weather condition and climate where you live?
Does it change drastically with the seasons? If you live in a state where each season
has unique weather conditions such as heat, rain, snow and wind, then you may need
to pick your pressure washing time of year more carefully. If you live somewhere where
the temperature is just about the only change that happens throughout the year and
weather conditions stay pretty stagnant, then you have a lot more options. If you live in
the midwest or the east coast, you probably experience colder climates, snow, rain and
sometimes blizzards. These weather conditions can take a toll on your home, and leave
it vulnerable to more damage. If these conditions are where you call home, the
recommended number of times to power wash your home is twice annually. Once before the
winter weather kicks in, and once after. Doing so removes any build up or damage from the
weather before and removes damage that comes from the cold weather changes. Doing
so in the Spring, and then again in the Fall can also be easier on yourself or your team,
as it will be more comfortable to work outside and come with less challenges, like rain,

snow, wind, or cold temperatures.

Now let’s say you live somewhere warmer, like that of the West Coast. While you may
not be as susceptible to harsh weathering of your home’s siding or roofing, you may be
more vulnerable to things such as mold and mildew growth or paint chipping. If this
sounds like you, you may only need to power wash your home but once a year. You
may experience windy conditions and rain a few times a year, which can bring clutter
and clogging to your gutters, on your decks and concrete surfaces. You may also be
victim to artillery fungus growing on your home’s siding. A good power wash will keep
this at bay and prevent future problems. With this in mind, Spring is probably the best

time for you to call up your trusted Power Washing team at to get the job done.

Based on our research and overall conditions from state to state, the common best time
for power washing is undoubtedly a serene, Spring day. For the best quality power
washing experience, hiring a professional team is your best choice. You could go out of
your way to buy power washing tools and complete the job yourself, but this will cost
you extra money and time in the long run, and you may potentially have to do it more
than once since this very well be a new experience to you.You could inflict further

damage to your property costing you more money in repairs.

You should power wash your home or property at least one to two times a year
depending on your State’s weather conditions and try to accomplish doing so in the
Springtime! Power washing can keep build up, mold, mildew, pests, and other common
problems at bay. It can also keep your home looking sparkling clean and brand new.
This adds property value and owner pride!

Leave it to the professionals at to get your

house power washed and looking like new!

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