Turbo Nozzle? Oh Yea!

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Turbo Nozzle? Oh Yea!

Think power washing is as simple as water in a straight line? Think again! There’s a plethora of tools that the professionals at Blustream Power Wash use to clean your residential home or commercial business. One of our favorites is the Turbo Nozzle, an attachment that operates by rotating the water inside the nozzle to increase the impact and effectiveness of water coming out of the spout. This helps the Boys in Blu with hard to clean jobs like grease covered concrete or mud-caked entrance ways.

The most noticeable trait of the turbo nozzle is the circular cleaning motion of the water during the cleaning process. Often featured on our instagram page https://www.instagram.com/p/CFzqOnNB1ta/ the turbo nozzle is perfect for stepping stones, sidewalks, and other small hard to reach areas. It is especially helpful for areas that see repeated foot or vehicle traffic. The added power the nozzle provides allows for dirt and grime to be removed with ease! It’s easy to think power washing is simply a hose hooked up to a motor but in reality it is an industry full of interesting tools and expertise to find the perfect way to clean your home or business.

If your residential home or commercial business is in need of a thorough power washing look no further than the professionals at https://www.blustreampw.com/. We have the tools in hand necessary to clean away longstanding dirt and grime that your average utensil could not. If you are in need of a free, no-obligation quote give us a call today at (219) 370-6827 We provide a full inspection of your house or business to ensure a complete understanding of the task at hand. We then match the tools necessary to complete the job in many cases utilizing the turbo nozzle for those hard to clean areas. No stain is too tough and no wall is too high for the Boys in Blu to conquer. Servicing all of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas our team provides professional services throughout the region. Give us a call today!

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