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The Boys in Blu are excited to announce our expansion of our operation and are now offering a variety of “handyman” services! Many times while power washing the exterior of homes we’ve been asked by clients for a referral to a local handyman. Well look no further than the crew at Blustream Handyman! If you have a job around the house and are looking for professional service at a reasonable price, Blustream’s handyman service is the perfect fit for you. Our crew is expanding our efforts to fit your exterior and interior home repair needs. To receive a free, no-obligation quote today, give us a call at (219) 370-6827

Whether it be a small patch or a complete rebuild look to the crew at for your handyman fix! We specialize in the following handyman jobs:

1) Drywall Patch and Repair

2) Flooring Installation

3) Exterior and Interior Door and Window Repair

4) Fixture Installation

5) Window and Door Installation

6) Carpentry

7) Maintenance

8) Landscaping

9) Interior and Exterior Painting

10) Remodeling

11) Electrical Repairs and Installation

12) Gutter Guard Installation


If you are on the fence about hiring a professional service like Blustream Handyman or taking the risk of a “DIY” project here are a few things to consider:

Am I qualified for this project?

Many homeowners begin a “DIY” project with less than optimal experience. Whether it’s repairing drywall or completely redoing the flooring in a room some things are easier said than done. Making a mistake to the structure of your home can cause long term damage. The professionals at Blustream Handyman combine industry knowledge with hard work and dedication to ensure the job is done right the first time.


Is it worth my time?

A “DIY” project can become tedious and drag on for days if not weeks. Many projects that seem ordinary can become a hassle home owners did not see coming. Many times unforeseen tasks like electrical work or structural repair become too complicated to do correctly. We recommend having our estimators take a look at your project space before work is started to ensure safety of all those involved. You work hard for your money and your weekends, don’t spoil those valuable days working on frustrating tasks.


The Blustream Difference

The Boys in Blu make sure that each and every job we handle is done with professionalism and expertise. Whether is be exterior work to homes or condos or interior fixes to homes of all sizes we ensure 100% satisfaction each and every time. If you are the owner of a small apartment complex and need monthly maintenance we offer special monthly pricing to fit your needs! We are excited to get to know you and your residents and tackle all of your repair needs. For your one stop shop for exterior and interior handyman repair needs, look no further than the crew at Blustream Handyman.







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