Reasons to Power Wash Your Entire Home Before Selling

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Reasons to Power Wash Your Entire Home Before Selling

It’s no secret that you should present your house in the best shape you can for potential buyers. But that means more than simply rearranging furniture and tidying up on the inside. Art pieces, furniture and other decor isn’t part of the deal (unless you’re that generous) and your buyers are going to redecorate and style the home to their liking. What will remain is anything to do with the quality and condition of the house they are purchasing. This can come with a lot of problems or future costs to them, and can help them make the decision to put down a deposit or not.

Believe it or not, the quality of your home’s siding and concrete surfaces or wooden decks can be very telling of the upkeep of your house. For buyers with a keen eye, they’ll be looking for things such as concrete stains, weathered wood, discolored siding, fungi, clogged drains, and overall wear and tear. Neglected things such as this can reveal a lot about the condition of the house and make your clients question whether or not this fixer upper is worth the buy. Pressure or Power Washing is a sure fire way to upkeep the look and property value of your house. Here we’ve listed the reasons why you should power wash your entire home before selling. Read on to learn more!

Property Value

Did you know the cleaner your home is on the outside, the higher it’s property value goes? This includes your gutters, concrete walkways/driveways, decks, and your home’s siding! Regardless of what you originally paid or the address of the house, the condition of your home can increase or decrease your property value either helping or hindering your success in selling it!

If your home comes with problems such as stains, clogged gutters, mold and artillery fungus, sun damage, or uneven paint, this causes more problems for your buyers in the future. Basically, you’re introducing an invisible added list of fees they will have to attend to in the future if they want their home to look beautiful and worth the money paid for it. They also may look at the price tag of the home and decide to decline because of the condition of the house and all the added expenses in fixing it up. By power washing stains, build up, fungus, and damage away, you’re increasing the value of the property, and making it more worth the while for whoever buys the home. 

No One Wants a Fixer Upper

If you’re buying a new home, it should FEEL new. It might be previously owned, but it’s going to be new to the buyer, so they should get exactly what they’re paying for! A neglected house doesn’t get interested buyers, nor is it easy to sell. Your potential purchasers are going to be looking at every little detail of the home. They’ll be searching for everything from cracks, to mold, pests, stains, property damage, you name it. Even if your home is beautifully furnished and decorated on the inside, the outside can be very telling of the true condition of the house. For example, if someone noticed the driveway has years of stains or the gutters are bent and packed with leaves and rain water, it means there’s probably underlying issues with the house that aren’t so obvious to the eye. And if you’ve got mold or some kind of fungus growing on your house siding then that’s probably going to result in a lot of, “we’ll think about it” and unreturned calls.

Let’s face it, no one wants a money pit when they buy or rent a new home. It just makes sense that no one wants to write a check for a house that will cost them even more in the long run. House neglect can bring pests, cause property damage, and overall make the home look like a disaster. Regular power washing of your siding, concrete, decks, and gutters can prevent this, making your property look beautiful and worth the price of owning it!

Home Power Washing Solutions

In order to present the best looking property you can for potential buyers, pressure or power washing is the solution! Power washing is a high-pressure water cleaning solution for your stained concrete surfaces, chipping house paint, sun damage, fungus growth, clogged gutters, weathered roofing, and grime and dirt build up on your home or any other building. These kinds of accumulated damages get harder to remove over time, and can result in significant damage that requires replacements, pests, and mold or fungi growth. 

The pressure washing tool used to accomplish this level of cleaning power is a high powered hose tool consisting of two to four high-pressure jets that rotate when the water is active. The reason for this is that the pressure wash hose tool can create a  consistent function of cleaning that can power wash your surfaces at a fast rate. This allows only the best and most accurate clean to your house siding, concrete, wood decks, roofing, gutters and so on. Regular washing with a common garden hose simply cannot remove the build-up that is accumulated over time on these surfaces.

When the time comes to sell your property, the solution to any stains or grime build up is the magic of power washing. Before you open your home to interested buyers, take stock of how your property appears on the outside. Check for clogged gutters, pests, mold or grime build up, chipped paint, weathered or sun damaged roofing, stained concrete driveways or walkways, damaged decks and so forth. Then, call your local power washing experts. Blustream Power Wash is the leading pressure washing company in Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland areas. Call to get a free quote today!

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